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Pharoah Cain's long-awaited second novel,

"Each of us, in our buried past, has at least one dark, shameful knot we'd like to go back and undo."

- Pharoah Cain

"A compelling journey- Buckle up, get comfortable, and let Clyde take you on down the road. In the southern tradition of writers such as Harry Crews, Larry Brown, William Gay and others, Pharoah Cain paints an unblinking portrait of today's America."

- Americana Arcade

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Americana Arcade is excited to partner with Duck River Press to introduce Pharoah Cain’s gritty Nashville novel -
Django’s Tunetown Shuffle: A Hard-Boiled Hillbilly Tale

“Lyrical, moody, sometimes brutal, Pharoah Cain’s story is not the typical Nashville fare of Opry dreams and record deals but rather belongs in the realm of Americana, Noir, Hard-Boiled, Pulp and Action Mystery.”

Fans of James Lee Burke, Cormac McCarthy and James Ellroy should have Django’s Tunetown Shuffle on their Must-Read short-list.

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Pete Berwick

The Bar Singer -"Nathan Young is a burned-out bar singer, destined to sing night after dismal night in roadhouse dives and juke joints. An encounter with a grizzled and mysterious truck driver at a gas station pit stop causes his southern tour to take an unexpected turn, and Nathan soon discovers that the road he's on leads to much stranger places than the next gig. Can Nathan succeed in fulfilling the task he's been given, and trust those who claim to be on his side? Will he finally realize his dream of fame and fortune? Will his girlfriend's imperiled life bring him closer to the truth? Or in the end, will he find that reality is merely a purgatory of his own design?"

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David Hightower

David Hightower's lyrically expansive meditation on the whims of fate and the unpredictability of the human condition fill the pages of The Hanging Man Dreams with thrilling music and mesmerizing imagery. - from the Introduction by Aberjhani , author of I Made My Boy Out of Poetry and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance.

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Ever wondered what it's like to be on the road in a Rock'nRoll Band?

“Tommy Womack is brilliant. Even the stories he makes up are true.” - Todd Snider

"In 1985, three other guys and I -- in Kentucky, of all places -- formed a band, hitched our sled to the rock and roll dream and screamed mush from the pits of our souls. We had nothing going for us save a vehement, greasy, turbo-psychotic vision of how things might turn out, and we went for it. It is good to pursue an outlandish dream. Latch on to the wild dogs. Grab that whip and yee-the-hell-hah! Eventually the sled comes out from under you, and from that point on, you either run like hell or you get your face dragged all over God's creation, scraping on rocks and bouncing off the sides of trees."

Tommy Womack

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Kim Michael

Kim Michael’s work covers a lot of ground, both fiction and non-fiction.
His latest tale weaves a surrealistic tapestry between a WWII hero and a legendary southern character from days gone by.


Kristoffersen’s camera has captured the spirit of Nashville, past and present. A transplanted Texan via California, he has called downtown Nashville home for 25 years. The constant undertow of Music City is apparent and celebrated in Kristoffersen’s photography. From HonkyTonks to the new Music City Center, music themes are everywhere. Classic black and white mixed with soft pastel colored photography bring a timeless quality to this wonderfully engaging collection of images.

Debbie Mathis Watts

Author, Educator, Songwriter, Television Producer- Debbie Mathis Watts now adds Playwright to her list of successes, writing and performing Historically based dramas from Tennessee to California.

Her latest celebrates the lives of John and Lillie Spreckels, "...a legendary couple whose visionary leadership in the 19th and 20th centuries brought unprecedented prosperity to San Diego."