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Kristoffersen is the archetypical American photographer, with a passion for the land and the people of this varied country. Texan born, Kristoffersen has also lived and worked in California and Tennessee, as well as traveling the highways and byways seeking the unique and traditional elements that are not only representative but also the essence of American life.

He came to photography later, after years of portraying gun-slinging cowboys and other less glamorous careers, all of which helped to shape his vision of the world and led him to discover his life’s calling. Kristoffersen’s unique eye and uncanny timing in “capturing the light” puts him among the greats of this relatively new art form.

Kristoffersen first began to achieve notice for his work with America’s First Nation. Many of these breath-taking images have been seen in galleries, magazines, newspapers, and published as fine art prints all around the world. His personal affinity with the Native American Indian is apparent in his most intimate portraits. He was allowed to witness and participate in some of their most personal, holiest and most traditional ceremonies.
From life in the saddle to the celebration of machismo, skill and talent, Kristoffersen’s Rodeoseries has captured the life and spirit of the Cowboy. Alive with excitement and danger, these images tease and thrill our senses with their glorious splash of painterly color.

Kristoffersen’s Civil War photos fill the gap that history and technology could not capture. You literally feel that you are in the midst of battle and can almost smell the acrid stench of gunpowder in the air. This critically acclaimed body of work was captured in the book, Nor Shall Your Glory Be Forgot published by St. Martin’s Press in 1999. A new book of these and many other unseen images will be published in 2012.

Mysterious, dark, and ethereal are just some of the words people have used to describe Kristoffersen’s Midway series. With an upcoming book and Museum/Gallery tour this wonderful body of work is set to be viewed by many. Prints have already been acquired by various museums for their collections and this Special Selection is now being made available to patrons of Americana Arcade.